WABI® Cement is a coloured cement coating for use on floors and for finishing walls and furnishings, in coats no more than 2-3 mm thick. It is a premixed powder product consisting of tiny grains of marble, cement with added vegetable cellulose, oxides and natural clay colourants. For durability and to make it washable and waterproof, it is completed with a clear resin protective treatment.

With its inspiration in artisan verve, this new material instantly personalises the setting in an incomparable way. It’s a creative form that adapts to whatever style of furnishing – from lofts to exhibition spaces to more classic environments. It seems a paradox that the ordinariness of cement can become the characteristic feature of a style. With this technique HD treats not only floors and walls but also elements of décor that after personalisation assume a more atmospheric and better-defined identity. Let’s say it’s a balanced amalgamation of artisan tradition with industrial technique