The house is the man, its surfaces his skin. The house is the man, wrote Mario Praz. Its surfaces are his skin. We started to operate more than twenty years ago in the area of design, floor and wall coverings and furnishings.

HD home design stands for evolution… it arises from our love of the world of furnishing and design, the ambition to create something new, the desire to evolve day by day.

Our “hallmarks in cement” have entered the homes of friends, customers and partners, in Italy and worldwide. We participate in international events and travel widely to absorb the latest trends in design, then come home to develop new projects.

The “skin” of our coverings is made with innovative materials: coloured mixes of cement and resins, combined with loving skill. It is a truly Italian process. We are investing in the development of ideas for indoor and outdoor living spaces, in ideas for new materials …in search of ways of expression, of new lands to walk on, to live in, to experience…

Ruggero Caratti, Liliana Piozzini, Pierpaolo Smussi