Research, green awareness and ease of use unite in Alchimie, the HDsurface collection based on natural materials.
Made by combining powdered mineral ores or lava stones with water-based binders, Alchimie comprises two different product lines, “I Metalli” and “Le Pietre”, coverings with surprising textures for walls with great personality, expressed through the three-dimensional substance of matter and the language of natural elements. A collection that offers new decorative potentials for interiors.


Metalli: a range that thus accurately reproduces the effect of sheet metals in the corten, iron, oxidized copper, black oxide and bronze oxide finishes, with outstanding ease of application and versatility in use.

Pietre: it is ideal for interiors with a natural look and a vibrant warmth, with the colours of the earth, such as volcano black, scorched brown, basalt grey, lava red and sulphur green, for surfaces that express the strength and communicative power of natural materials.


I Metalli and Le Pietre originate from micronized natural elements, assembled and reconstituted by mixing with a specific gel binder consisting of water-based acrylic resins, and then applied to any substrate in a simple spreading process.

METALLI: the collection originates in metals in micronized powder form, brought to a semi-solid state with the aid of a specific gel binder.

PIETRE: lava stones, in the form of mineral powders with different grain sizes and colours, are mixed with a gel binder to give them a new form.