The ideal combination of materials, the fusion of cement and resin. An attractive texture, the typical characteristic of brushed natural concrete, and a selection of more than forty shades of colour. Perfect Combination is the new synergy of cement and resin. Seamless surfaces for indoor locations, ideal for busy public buildings where quick and easy maintenance is essential. It can be applied on new or existing substrates without expensive maintenance work.

In line with the HD philosophy, Perfect Combination is the perfect synthesis of the naturalness and spontaneity of spread-on cement and the durability, flexibility and water-repellency of resin. Resistance to wear and abrasion, unrivalled design versatility, natural colours obtained from oxides, and the tactile beauty of cement and minerals.

The products used in the cycle do not contain solvents but are water-soluble and consist of a mixture of cements, calibrated minerals and epoxy resins.