Argille is a naturally tactile product. A trowelled coating, pleasant to the touch, applied in two coats, created by blending natural elements. Easily spread onto vertical surfaces, it transforms the action of human hands into a decorative effect. A totally breathable material, clay naturally regulates the temperature and humidity of the rooms where it is applied. The product’s intrinsic performances thus combine with the masterly skill of HDsurface in creating surfaces with vibrant, tactile variations.


A trowelled coating with a varying appearance, customisable by means of the application method. The result is a surface with an irregular effect both in look and thicknesses, velvety to the touch and attractively porous, which embraces and brings warmth to interiors. Its granular composition creates richly wrinkled surfaces.


Blend of clay, vegetable cellulose fibre, natural lime, micronised powdered marble, coloured earths and oxides.