GEOtexture is a ready-to-use monolithic covering, an easy-to-apply mortar that offers professionals new opportunities for the creation of “bespoke” surfaces. Breathable and solvent-free, it is a safe, eco-friendly product.
Developed for indoor use for covering large areas of walls or floors (including with medium traffic), furnishings and design features in private and public locations, with its excellent mechanical properties, such as resistance to water, acids and alkalis, it is also ideal in the most demanding contexts, such as shower trays and kitchen worktops. Thanks to its ease of use and the vast range of colours available, GEOtexture is the perfect solution for refurbishing interiors and creating highly decorative surfaces.


It is an architectural covering with a compact look, which flows over different forms like a uniform, continuous skin, but with a strong, substantial visual and tactile appeal.


Ready-to-use single-component mortar mixed with water-based acrylic binders and mineral fillers.