CoverHD is an opaque nanoresin able to coat any surface, transforming its appearance. Easy to apply, it is suitable for covering walls, floors, furniture, doors and window frames and for renewing old resins. Versatile and with outstanding technical performances, including high resistance to household agents, chemicals and weather, CoverHD can be used not only indoors, in even the most demanding locations such as bathrooms and kitchens, but also outdoors.


The effect is opaque and monochrome. It can be applied on wood, metal, plastic, concrete, ceramics, fabric and natural and synthetic materials. With a particularly thin coat thickness, it caresses them, conserving and enhancing their qualities and their natural vibrancy, renewing every surface with an elegant, delicate touch. Available in 148 HDsurface catalogue colours, ideal for integral design schemes.


Water-based nano-technology polyurethane resin with covering effect.