CementoWabi is a covering born from the meeting of cement, marble and water. Inspired by the Japanese aesthetic philosophy, its characteristics are those of any natural element: flaws, irregularities, changes and evolutions over time give it a life of its own, enabling it to dialogue with people and space.
Cemento Wabi is intended for indoor use, for covering vertical and horizontal surfaces such as floors and staircases with moderate traffic, furnishings and fittings, and for the realisation of highly decorative walls.


A product evolved for projects that focus on the language of matter itself, through a decorative covering with a vibrant, trowelled effect that defines spaces through the expressive force of cement. Available in two textures: Medio, which evokes cement at its most vibrant, and Fino, with a more compact look. Maximum thickness 2-3 mm.


Mortar consisting of micronized cement coloured with natural earths and oxides, very fine Carrara marble granules and cellulose fibres, completed by a specific water-based binder.