from matter to surface



Research, experimentation, craftsmanship and creative freedom are the ingredients that have made HDsurface a leading name on the market for the creation of indoor and outdoor continuous covering solutions.
The organisation was founded in 1982 by Ruggero Caratti, Liliana Piozzini and Pierpaolo Smussi; driven by the desire to offer new solutions for contemporary home design, they successfully evolved fresh approaches and a complete range of innovative floor and wall coverings with low environmental impact. A unique range of products with outstanding performances, versatility and looks, created and patented by a team with a high degree of specialisation in mix compositions and applications, working in the lab at the company’s headquarters at Gussago (Brescia, Italy), nerve centre of the HDsurface world.



To create emotions through the essence of matter, to give identity to spaces, to express new philosophies of home design. A real mission, which HDsurface has pursued for years by creating new products capable of designing environments, by becoming architectural components and architectural structures themselves.
By raising the bar of experimentation ever higher, the company has thus revolutionised the concept of covering, evolving a range of material surfaces with different looks and performances but all with a pure, eco-friendly formula of water, earths and pigments, an alchemy with infinite potentials, to generate an authentic, vibrant dialogue between man and space.



Drawing on profound experience and fired by love for the poetry of the different materials, HDsurface has created a range of tactile coverings that define every location through the expressive strength and emotional charge of matter. Products full of life, born from the desire to experience the essence of materials such as cement, resins, metals or lava stones, which give the surfaces of walls, floors and furnishings a unique tactile and visual beauty.
Matter, textures and colours dialogue to define the movement of spaces, designing moods and cladding surfaces with a unique personality, bestowing an expressive, vibrant elegance on home interiors.

Colour research


In its labs, HDsurface conducts ceaseless research into products, on the one hand testing and constantly improving their performances and on the other developing new looks to interpret contemporary trends.
Its seamless surfaces thus become the focus for experimentation with matter, with leading-edge tactile and above all colour characteristics. To meet the most widely varying needs, the company offers a vast, constantly evolving range of colours (created with the HDsurface natural earths) for each collection. Surfaces can thus be covered with different shades, from the palest, which multiply light, to neutral tones for spaces that will last over time, to warm, enticing dusty hues and to bright, unconventional colours that give the design project a special allure.