La collezione CoverHD per la nuova area wellness dell’Executive Spa Hotel di Fiorano Modenese

HDsurface’s surfaces have contributed to the renovation of an historic palace in Lecce, one of the finest cities of art of Southern Italy. Architect Francesco Greco’s design has reinterpreted the interior of an historic dwelling whilst respecting its history by preserving original elements like walls, lintels and pillars that are left exposed. This is a project where past and present live side by side, not only in the interior design but also in the choice of furnishings and accessories characterised by a judicious mixture of design proposals and antique furniture. HDsurface is part of the project through PerfectCombination, which is used in beige, to cover the floor of the entire apartment to create visual continuity between the various rooms. A surface whose minimalist language never betrays the historical heritage of the place but instead celebrates it. Owing to its excellent performance, PerfectCombination was also used to clad the walls of the bathrooms, the shower and behind the kitchen.